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The “Modern Russian Cuisine for Your Home” book doesn’t just talk about the most popular dishes of the Russian cuisine. It has illustrated step-by-step instructions and boasts such detailed explanations that even a child could make these dishes.

The recipes featured in this book are the most popular in Russian families or restaurants and cafes. Now you’ll be able to recreate them in your own kitchen!

The “Modern Russian Cuisine for Your Home” is a recipe collection that would make the best Russian souvenir which you would use over and over.

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Been looking for a book of Russian recipes in the English language, to send a gift to a friend. Very happy with purchase, it really is "the best souvenir from Russia."



The book as a gift for sister's husband, we live in the US, thank the author for this beauty! The recipes are described step by step in detail and with photos.



It's a miracle! I've been looking for something similar that was already lowered his hands, but now I can move on! Now this gift is sure to be with all my good friends)



When I learned that he published a collection of recipes in English, really wanted to buy, because I have long been a fan of Oxanine recipes so delicious no one didn't!



For foreigners, this book will be a new discovery of Russia, we order it for our visitors and it goes like hotcakes.

Oxana Putan

Cook, Kulinarny blogger

Oxana - a professional chef with lots of experience, but jokingly calls himself "a translator of the recipes from the clever to the clear". And judging by the immense popularity of her recipes and the amount of reviews she's good at it.

As experience shows, will make you want to share instance with friends and colleagues, to give children or parents. This book is the best gift for a person who can not cook. But those who cook for a long time and successfully, you will find many different tricks to make it even easier.

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Modern Russian Cuisine for Your Home

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Любимые русские пироги, теперь у вас всё получится!


Блюда русской кухни,которые легко приготовить


Modern RussianCuisine for Your Home

Современная русская кухняпо-домашнему

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